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Hand Print Art Pieces

We have just moved into our new home and are facing the inevitable problem of walls upon walls of emptiness . While we have a good supply of art from our previous home it is still in storage and won’t arrive for at least another three weeks. Instead of just staring at blank walls our family has decided to get their hands dirty, literally and figuratively, to whip up some art for those plain and boring walls that will keep us all feeling happy till we decide where we actually want all of our pieces to go once they arrive.

Family art projects can easily conjure up images of paint flying everywhere, crying children and stains that just won’t come out but with a little bit of preparation and careful use of either wipe clean surfaces or dust sheets, you can have messy family fun that not oanly looks good but doesn’t take longer to clean up than to do.


I have been really captivated by handprints recently, especially found ones like this one in cement.

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So I though using handprints as a basis for our family art would be ideal. I love this idea of layered hand prints in the post below, I was tempted to include the cats paw prints on ours but decided that trying to get paint on a cat and then a painted cat paw on paper was asking for trouble, so we left it at the human members of the family! Top tip: let each layer dry first! We tried it without drying and it quickly turned into a sticky brown mess of colours in the middle!



But once you have broken out the paint and done the prep why stop at just one project?

Our kids are big animal lovers so we had a lot of fun experimenting how to turn hand prints into different animals. This tutorial was very helpful in giving us ideas of how you can manipulate handprints into animals.


A roll of lining paper was all we needed to create a menagerie of animals spanning from savannas to polar regions to tundras to jungle!


I also came across this great compendium of handprint art ideas! Gotta run, paint fun is to be had!


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