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Creative marketing campaigns

“Advertising helps me decide” was a slogan I once saw on a t-shirt. The wearer of said t-shirt was waiting at a bus stop on the other side of the road from the bust stop I was waiting at and of all the funny, unusual, weird and wonderful things that get printed on tshirts these days it has well and truly stuck with me!

I honestly don’t think a truer statement has ever been said (well printed in this case), advertising truly pushes our spending habits in ways that we don’t even recognise. When it comes to advertising campaigns they can be downright obnoxious- the kind that play the exac same add constantly in the same pod cast being a prime example, but what about campaigns that take a much more creative approach to whatever they are selling or highlighting?

Dominos, for example, has taken to fixing potholes! They day it stops them from having to shell out on replacing pizzas that have been ruined by delivery cars going over damaged roads. The addition of their logo on the newly fixed road surface then lets everyone know who to thank for the smooth drive!

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 ‘Send Me’ by the San Francisco Museum Of Modern Art 

It’s a true fact that majority of a museums collection goes unseen. Hidden away in archives there are so many beautiful works of art that will rarely see the light of day. After a huge digitisation project the San Francisco MoMOA decided to give people the opportunity to have art work texted to their phones. All a user had to do was text Send Me —— to a specific number (Examples included Send me Flowers, Send me Blue and Send me love) and an image of a collection piece would be sent to your phone. This approach not only opened up the collection and raised awareness of the museum, to people not in the area but resulted in increased visitation of the museum.

Social swipe

Small donations make up the bulk of the money given to charities, the trick is getting lots of people to give those small amounts. The creative minds over at Kolle Rebbe developed a poster like interactive screen that incorporates a credit card swipe machine. When a donor swipes their card the action of the swipe cause an effect on screen related to the cause they are donating too. For a food based charity a slice of bread is cut, for humanitarian relief ropes tying together hands are cut. I truly love the way this method engages the passer-by and shows them how their donation helps in a symbolic yet truthful way.

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