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Hanging a gallery wall (Part 1)

Remember way back in January when I said our art would be out of storage and in our new home in as little as 3 weeks? Well 3 weeks turned into bit longer and we have only now gotten our hands back on our art and photo collection! While we have been making do with our own handcrafted works of art and have also picked up some more bits and pieces in the ensuing time gap it is lovely to have all of our collection back together again.

So now that we have them here I need to find a way to display them all! We have some nice big wide open walls in our new place which has opened up the idea of a gallery wall to me for the first time. I have always wanted to experiment with this way of displaying art. Starting with fresh empty walls and the entirety of our art collection at my feet I am excited for the new contrasts and complimentary parings I’ll find amongst the collection. Before I start banging nails into the wall all willy nilly I am using an ingenious hack of cutting newspapers to the size of all the frames and then sticking the paper cut outs on the wall with blue tac to see how the frame sizes will go together.

I’ve been digging around the Instagrams for inspiration around ways of doing my gallery wall, or walls at this rate. Here are the ones that I love the most:

Fill the space

While this seems like the most obvious way of doing a gallery wall it can be deceptively difficult to actually get a wall full of frames to fit and look good. The newspaper trick will come in especially handy  for this type of wall because no matter how good your Tetris skills are there is going to be a lot of rearranging going on!

I took this photo this afternoon and realised that those little gold cushions have been appearing in my posts for over two years 😂 They were in the @primark sale for £1 and yet they’re one of the best photo styling props ever! The drinks trolley was £10 from the charity shop and the art is a mix of homemade, family photos and prints ✨ Which just goes to show that you don’t need to spend a fortune 🙌🏻 Styling your home and creating a space you love isn’t about how much cash you can splash – it’s about sticking to what you love and about being creative with what you have ✨ I don’t know who it was who said that style and creativity can’t be bought, but they were bloody well right 🙌🏻 (it was probably @frenchforpineapple she’s good at that sort of stuff 😂) In other news, it’s @loveisland later and WTF is going on with Georgia?! 😱 #art #gallery #gallerywall #artwall #artprints #sofa #wallpaper #neon #chesterfield #interiorismo #interiordetails #interiorforinspo #interiores #interieurs #interior_design #interiorstyling #interiorinspo #myinterior #apartmenttherapy #sodomino #inmydomaine #sorealhomes #abmlifeisbeautiful #schoolhouseliving #planetlivingetc #marieclairemaison #flashesofdelight #pursuepretty #mondaymood #myhomevibe

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Same frame and size

For a very unified look, and one that takes a lot of the guesswork out of the layout, get a job lot of the same sized and coloured frames. Depending on your collection it is probably unlikely that you have a large enough number of same sized frames to make this work straight away with out any further purchases. However if you have a lot of unframed pieces or are happy to reframe then this can be the ideal way to get a striking look fairly quickly. Why not mix it up by painting a frame or two a different colour to make certain pieces really stand out!

Keep a colour scheme (Sort of)

If you like the unified look but don’t want to reframe things then try grouping together similar coloured pieces. The example below makers great use of black, white and sepia colour tones to making a grouping of art look like a curated collection. Get inventive with how you group colours together; an ombre type colour progression could look amazing!

👱🏼‍♀️We’ve got an contender for the family wall, such a cute pic of a little 🍑 bottom in a life jacket obvs can’t show you for risk of being removed/arrested 👀but ( pardon the pun) it’s sooo squishable 👌🏽plus it totally works with my vibe for gallery wall styling… it’s all about the memories, each pic should take you somewhere, make you laugh or smile, mix it up with some online prints but honestly some of my best finds have been in charity shops… unlike my fab fringed lamp from @lovefrankiedotcom to fabulous for thrift #gallerywall #fromthrifttochic #gallerywallhashtag #walldetails #blackandgolddecor #flashesofdelight #myfabhome #finditstyleit #emmamerrystyling #surreyinteriordesigner #greywall #currentdesignsituation #homedecorideas #ihavethisthingwithwalls #myhousebeautiful #midcentuarymodern #eclecticdecor #sodomino #whitewalls #lampfringing.

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You know something? I have really gotten into this post, I love the idea of exploring different approaches to gallery walls, keep your eyes peeled for more on this topic in the future!

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