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Hanging a gallery wall (Part 2)

After getting all of our collection out of storage I delved into the different ways you can put together a gallery wall, you can check out my first post on the subject here. I thoroughly enjoyed exploring this approach to getting art on show, so read on for more methods for making your own gallery wall.

Surround something

While a gallery wall can be a feature itself it is also a great way to draw attention to a focal point of a room. In the example below the TV is circled with a variety of frames. You could apply this technique to a fireplace, a small window or feature that is built into your home. We have an oddly placed small window in our study that I think will be perfect for this type of approach, I love the idea of the window frame becoming a picture frame of it’s own so I am looking out a variety of landscapes to surround the window with. I picked up a seascape years ago that is framed by a porthole fixture… It is going to look great in the collection!


Don’t just use pictures

Not all art pieces are in frames! We did quite a bit of travelling before the kids came along and quite a bit more after too! In those travels we picked up a number of small wood carvings, little statues, masks and even a puppet to two that have been languishing in boxes or on dusty shelves. The kids are especially found of picking up ‘things’ as opposed to prints or paintings too. I love the idea of incorporating items into gallery walls, like the great example below. When our kids were little they loved seeing their most recent art work hanging on the wall, as they have gotten older they tend to be a bit more precious about what of their own art they let us display so by incorporating the nick knacks and bits and pieces that they collect on their travels into our gallery walls it gives them back a sense of ownership of the décor and styling of the house.


Shelve it

Variety is the spice of life and if you have lots of piece you like why not change them regularly by arranging them on a narrowish, but long, shelf? The benefit with this approach is that you don’t need to worry about hanging anything straight (or put multiple holes in your wall). It also allows you to experiment with layering images by overlapping things behind one another or by including small items on the shelf along with framed items.


I love this idea for your kids room- their tastes change so quickly that it allows them to have total control over what they display in their room without you worrying about them hitting water pipes, electrical cables or their thumbs when they start banging about with hammers.

As you can see, I am still pretty enamoured with this approach to getting things out of storage and onto walls, so again, keep your eyes peeled for future instalments!

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