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Crafts that aren’t for kids

The title of this post makes it sound far saucier than it is, there is nothing X-rated about these DIY’s I promise! There are so many craft projects out there for little ones and when I have been helping my 5 year old and 8 year old do them I have found myself havening quite the enjoyable time of it. I wanted to see what options there were for crafts that were just as much fun to create but features less primary colours and googley eyes! The kind of things that you could perhaps actually use around the home but were still relatively simple and could perhaps be done over a glass of wine for a relaxing night in. Read on for some of my favourite tutorials that I have found so far:


Magnet Wine cork planters

Oh so easy to make and they add a little pop of green to the fridge! If you are worried about keeping the succulents alive then feel free to use fakes or think of it more as a teeny tiny case. When we made these we dipped the bottom half of the corks in silver metallic paint to match the colour scheme of our kitchen and give it a more finished look.


Honeycomb balls

This one looks a bit more complicated and yes, does involve a hot glue gun so be careful how much wine you drink before attempting this. The results are pretty spectacular and it’s the ideal way to showcase unusual paper. We made a grouping of 6 of these one night, all in different sizes to hang in front of a blank wall. It was meant to be a temporary thing till we got a proper piece or art up, but we ended up liking the look so much they stay up for almost a year. One you get the hang of it they are pretty simple and quick to put together, making them ideal for impromptu party decorations.


Concrete flowerpots

Concrete and wine in the right proportions can be fun, in the wrong portions its very messy, so take care with this one too! This is an ideal summer outdoors type project (sangria makes it go very smoothly!) and you can jazz up the finished product with paint for a pop of colour.



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